Vavona (Sequoia sempervirens)


Common Names: Vavona (burl)


Distribution: Coastal Northwestern United States (from Southwestern Oregon to Central California)


Color/Appearance: Heartwood color can range from light pinkish brown to deep reddish brown. Sapwood is a pale white/yellow. Curly figure or Redwood burl (sometimes referred to as “lace” or by the name Vavona)


Janka Hardness: 450 lbf


Density: 2.17/b.f.


Allergies/Toxicity: most common reactions simply include eye, skin and respiratory irritation, as well as asthma-like symptoms


Controlled species: CITES: no, IUCN: yes


Common Uses: Burls and other forms of figured Redwood are also used in turning, musical instruments and other small specialty items.