Sapele (Entandrophragma cylindricum)


Common Names: Sapele, Sapelli, Sapeli


Distribution: Tropical Africa


Color/Appearance: Heartwood is a golden to dark reddish brown. Color tends to darken with age.  Besides the common ribbon pattern seen on quartersawn boards, Sapele is also known for a wide variety of other figured grain patterns, such as: pommele, quilted, mottled, wavy, beeswing and fiddleback.


Janka Hardness: 1,410 lbf


Density: 3.5 lb/b.f.


Allergies/Toxicity: Sapele has been reported as a skin and respiratory irritant.


Controlled species: CITES: no, IUCN: yes


Common Uses: Veneer, plywood, furniture, cabinetry, flooring, boatbuilding, musical instruments, turned objects and other small wooden specialty items.